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Javascript Practice Projects
Note: We have used VanillaJS for building all the projects given below,
"VanillaJS is nothing else, but the use of plain JavaScript without any additional Libraries or Frameworks."
Following projects are for your practice purposes only, you DO NOT need to necessarily complete or submit them, so there is No Deadline.
01. Form Validator Intro Project
02. Movie Seat Booking DOM & Local Storage
03. Custom Video Player HTML5 Video API
04. Exchange Rate Calculator Fetch & JSON Intro
05. DOM Array Methods forEach, map, filter, sort, reduce
06. Menu Slider & Modal DOM & CSS
07. Hangman Game DOM, SVG, Events
08. Meal Finder Fetch & MealDB API
09. Expense Tracker Array Methods & Local Storage
10. Music Player HTML5 Audio API
11. Infinite Scroll Posts Fetch, AsyncAwait, CSS Loader
12. Typing Game DOM, Intervals, Events
13. Speech Text Reader Speech Synthesis
14. Memory Cards CSS Effects, Local Storage
15. Lyrics Search App Fetch, Pagination, API
16. Relaxer App CSS Animations, setTimeout
17. Breakout Game HTML5 Canvas API
18. New Year Countdown DOM, Date & Time
19. Sortable List Drag & Drop API
20. Speak Number Guessing Game Speech Recognition
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Important: kindly put the correct module number☝🏻 whose project you are going to submit; else your candidature might be cancelled.
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Notice: There is an updation running at the backend, All the existing candidates are informed not to submit their modules till next update, the deadlines are extended by 72 hrs. Thank you.