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How it works

You Imagine, We Create

Tell Your Requirements


Tell us your need, thoughts & imaginations about your website and we will fully customize your website, plus we will stay in touch with you and you will get updates about the progress of your project untill it completes.

We Plan & Design

We Analyse and plan it and Our Brilliant Team Will turn your imaginations into reality as per your need regardless of whatever efforts it takes. Depending upon project’s length & complexity the time may vary between 5-15 day.

We Deliver & Launch

Our team do their best to launch your website on time. After the successful completion of the project, our team will tell you the features of the website plus if you require any updation, we provide one month’s free maintenence to you. 

Salient Features

Why Choose US

All Dynamic Websites

All Websites by default are dynamic and customization can be done as per your business requirements and request.

All Responsive Websites

All Websites by default are Responsive and accessible from any device, No additional charges or request need to be made.

Customized & Pre-designs Layouts

Choose from a verity of Designs or tell us your custom preference to turn your imaginations into reality.

Free SSL Certificate for 1 Year

All Domains by default will get a Free SSL Certificate for first year to make your website more secure from security threats.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of telling a search engine that a new website is launched and thus making it searchable and We do it for you.

Email & Social Marketing

We also run Digital marketing & promotion Campaigns to promote your business. For more info contact any of our agents.

Lead Generations

A Lead Magnet generates fresh leads for you without buying the leads from external sources and increases possibilities.

App Development

In addition with your website our developers also help you to get you a mobile app (Android and IOS) for your website users.

Your One Stop Shop

Right from getting a Domain to create an SEO enabled website leave everything on us so that you can focus on your business.

Free vs Premium Plan

Free Plan

Why A Free Plan

We offer the free plan to introduce our services to businesses and individuals who may have budget constraints but still seek professional online presence. It's a good way to start if you want to try a website before any upgrade.

What it contains

The free plan includes pre-designed templates for website creation with basic functionalities, standard design with limited customization, essential plugins, and hosting on our servers with a provided subdomain. For detailed comparision see the chart below.

Who should opt

The free plan is ideal for startups, small businesses, or individuals looking to establish an online presence without upfront costs.

Who is eligible

To qualify for the free plan, you must meet certain criteria, such as being a new customer or meeting specific business size requirements. Some name suggestions for your new website.

Premium Plan

Why A Premium Plan

The premium plan offers advanced features, customization options, dedicated support, and a personalized online presence tailored to your specific needs.

What it contains

The premium plan includes everything from the free plan, plus premium design templates, extensive customization options, a full suite of plugins, a new domain, hosting services, and priority support. For detailed comparision see the chart below.

Who should opt

Businesses or individuals seeking advanced features, branding customization, and premium support should consider the paid plan for a comprehensive online presence.

Who is eligible

To enroll in the paid plan, simply select the desired package and make a part-payment. There are no specific eligibility requirements; anyone can upgrade to the paid plan to access additional features and support.

Detailed Comparision

What is inside
DifferenceFree PlanPremium Plan
DomainA Subdomain (Example: Primary Domain (Example:
HostingOn our free serversOn premium servers
Space10 GB1000 GB
Business Email1 Email Account100 Email Accounts
Bandwidth200 GBUnlimited
Website BackupWeeklyDaily
Template TypePre-designedCustomized
Maintenance & Support1 Month1 Year
Lead Generation FormNAOn Demand
Contact Us formNAOn Demand
Payment Gateway IntegrationNAOn Demand
Other FeaturesNAOn Demand
  • You can also get a primary (main) domain under Free Plan at just an additional cost of 1999/- for one year (inclusive hosting).
  • You can also use your own assets istead of stock ones (like your logo, images, videos, theme colors etc.), and customize the period of your website mainteance, simply talk to our developers about this.

Designs & Layouts


Other Services

What We Offer

Web Development

We Provide a wide array of web designing services from individual, portfolio websites to commercial websites or fully customized websites.

Updation and Maintenance

New or Existing, All Websites need updation & Maintenance on time to time and We do it for you so that you can remain focusing on your work.

SEO and Digital Marketing

We also provide SEO Services and Promotional Campaigns to boost your business and get you more and more organic clients.

App Development

We also provide App Development Support to in conjuction with your young website so that your users keep accessing your website while receiving all updates.


Our Clients

"Amazing Designs, Clean and Quality Work!"

It was a Pleasure working with you guys, i could see the progress of my project anytime i wanted and now my customers are increasing.Thanks for giving a wonderful service under my budget. Keep doing Great things.
Harvey Spector
CEO, Acme Inc.

"Everytime the work is delivered on time by BWS."

After a great satisfaction of our first project with BWS we decided to select them for our next most anticipated project 'India's Online talent' and we are very happy with their work. The team is doing an Excellent job.
Emily Davis
Founder, IOT Inc.

"We increased our business by 35% since last year"

We wanted to make our institution online and to reach our business to the next level and BWS helped us a lot to carry our business to next level, due to their support our net profit is increased by 35% in current year.
Raman josh
Director, YCS education INC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

You can apply by clicking .

What happens after applying?

Following are the steps involved after applying:

When you apply for a Free Plan:

  1. You fill the details and select the free package.
  2. Our Team will contact you to ask you further details and verify.
  3. We will arrange a subdomain and hosting to start the project.
  4. We will start working on your project.
  5. When done, we will handover you your website and provide you a tour and guidance about your website.

When you apply for a Premium Plan:

  1. You fill the form and select the premium package.
  2. Our Team will contact you to ask you further details and verify (the budget will be discussed in the same step; you can divide your payment in maximum 2-3 parts.)
  3. You will make first part payment.
  4. We will arrange a premium domain and hosting to start the project.
  5. We will start working on your project.
  6. When done, we will handover you your website and give you a tour and guidance about your website.
  7. You will make rest of the payment.
Why do you build free website?

Our motivation is straightforward: it provides us with a valuable opportunity to forge connections with entrepreneurs who may engage us for larger paid projects as their businesses expand. An overwhelming majority, 97%, of those whom we’ve constructed websites for without charge have expressed satisfaction with the results, and a significant portion, between 10-20%, proceed to enlist our services for other paid endeavors. These projects might encompass the development of more intricate websites, creation of applications, or ongoing developmental support..

What kind of websites do you build?

We build people simple but professional websites as part of our free-website program. (You can see some examples here.) We don’t do highly complex websites with lots of bells and whistles. Some examples are:

  • Blog website -(Good for For a blogger or social life etc.)
  • Portfolio -(To showcase Hobby, Talent, Service, freelancing etc.)
  • Personal -(A personal website uses your name as brand)
  • Informational -(For Social Service, Charity, Church, Schools etc.)
  • Any individual/static websites to show online presence.
  • Any website for promotional, awareness purposes.

Note: e-commerce or selling website do not covered under free plan. you need an upgrade for that.

Other than above, rest all type of websites are covered under our premium plan, Some examples are:

  • Ecommerce – (For Online Shops and Stores etc.)
  • Business – (From startups to small, Medium and large sized Companies)
  • Educational – (Schools, coachings, edutech companies, LMS, Trainings, etc.)
  • Non-Profit – (for non profit organizations, NGOs etc.)
  • Event – (Talent hunt shows, Event organizers, Games etc.)
  • Other type of commercial or complex websites.
What do you look for in an application?

We carefully review every application that comes our way. Our Applications Committee considers the following:

  • Do we like the concept for the website?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is this a highly complex website that’s outside the scope of our free-website program? 
How long will it take to build my website?

Assuming you get back to our emails promptly and don’t request any complex additional features, we aim for a completion time of no more than 3 weeks. If you take longer to think about your content, design, logo, etc., that’s no problem for us and we can work at your pace. 

Are domain and a hosting very important?

Yes, both are the two essential components to start building a website. following are quick details about them:

Domain: A Domain name also called as URL, is a unique address of your website in the world of internet.

Hosting: A Hosting service is a cloud/virtual space to keep all your website and releted files.

What is included in the Free and Premium Plans?

Free Plan: We create professional websites for individuals without any charge, a service for which other agencies typically demand hefty fees. No credit card or payment information is required from our clients. Our motivation is straightforward: By offering this service, we establish valuable connections with business owners who may consider engaging us for future paid projects as their businesses expand.

Our free plan offers a pre-designed readymade template creation without any charges. It includes basic website functionalities and features, along with standard design templates. While customization options are limited, we provide essential plugins for functionality and basic SEO setup. Additionally, we host your website on one of our servers and provide a subdomain for your online presence.

Premium plan: On the other hand, our paid website plans offer a comprehensive package with advanced features tailored to your requirements. It includes premium design templates or custom-designed layouts, extensive customization options to reflect your brand identity, and a full suite of plugins for enhanced functionality and user experience. We also purchase an entirely new domain and hosting service under your given package providing you with a complete online presence solution. Moreover, with the paid plan, you receive priority support, faster response times, including phone support, and dedicated account management for seamless assistance throughout your journey. A detailed comparision is also given here.

Do you provide long-term support for my website?

We don’t provide long-term support for free, no. However, unless you’re building something highly complex, you shouldn’t need our support. We’ll be showing you how to make edits to your own website so that you’ll never need to hire another web developer. WordPress is quite easy to use, and we’ll be providing you with the training you need in order to manage your own website (which is pretty easy).

How long does it take for you to review an application?

We review most applications within 48-72 hours, and accept approximately 30% of those who apply.

I can't find any payment option for premium plan on the website.

Since the price of a website depends on many factors, see the article and check this page, your told requirements will influctuate it, so there cant be a fixed price, therefore based upon your requirements we will generate a quotation and will send you the same with a Custom payment link as per the budget discussed. you can choose to make part payment or full payment as per your convenience.

I already have a domain and hosting with another company. Am I still eligible?

Since domain and hosting services are essential to host any website You need to get a domain name and a hosting plan with us to get access to our free-website service. in case you are unable to do so we will buy a 1-year plan for just $24 which equals to 1999 INR on your behalf.

Based upon your suggested names for your website, our team will try to get a matching domain name with a default 1 year Hosting plan for your website, and same shall be confirmed with you before locking/buying.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Have Questions? Just give us a Missed call or feel free to choose any mode of communication availabe on our website. We would be happy to solve your queries.

Get a Free Website

1Project Details
2Domain & Hosting
3Contact Details
💡Provide your website details, type, purpose, target audience etc.
💡This helps our developers to understand about your would be website.
💡 Choose one or more services. You can also add them Later.
Notice: There is an updation running at the backend, All the existing candidates are informed not to submit their modules till next update, the deadlines are extended by 72 hrs. Thank you.