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What affect Web Development Prices

How it is decided

When you are going to have a website for the first time, you might be skeptical about the prices you come across,  you would also have lots of questions and doubts in your mind. A website is not a single product which you buy at once and use, it is more like a machince built with many small components, therefore the cost of web development can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Domain and Hosting
  • Length of the project
  • Complexity of the project
  • Features and functionalities required
  • The technology stack used
  • Experience level of the developers
  • Geographical location
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Additional (add-on) services

Some agencies even charges for every small things like changing theme colors, icon, logo, spelling correction and adding a sentence or two in any article/paragraph etc. So it is always better to cross-check with more than one companies about their offerings. We have added the links of some external resources where you can get a proper idea of the prices (in numbers):

  2. Rankon Technologies
  3. Aero Business Solutions

Do you need a website?

You can start with a free plan, to test how does it work for you and your business, later you can add more feature and functionalities and always upgrade to premium as per your need, we offer individual, portfolio, blog, informational and static websites under our free program, super complex, more functionalities and more pages comes under premium one.

What after applying

How it works?

When you apply for Free Plan

  1. You fill the details and select the free package.
  2. Our Team will contact you to ask you further details and verify.
  3. We will arrange a subdomain and hosting to start the project.
  4. We will start working on your project.
  5. When done, we will handover you your website and provide you a tour and guidance about your website.

When you apply for Premium Plan

  1. You fill the form and select the premium package.
  2. Our Team will contact you to ask you further details and verify (the budget will be discussed in the same step; you can divide your payment in maximum 3 parts.)
  3. You will make a part payment.
  4. We will arrange a premium domain and hosting to start the project.
  5. We will start working on your project.
  6. When done, we will handover you your website and give you a tour and guidance about your website.
  7. You will make rest of the payment.

Free vs Premium Plan

DifferenceFree PlanPremium Plan
DomainA Subdomain (Example: Primary Domain (Example:
HostingOn our free serversOn premium servers
Space10 GB1000 GB
Business Email1 Email Account100 Email Accounts
Bandwidth200 GBUnlimited
Website BackupWeeklyDaily
Template TypePre-designedCustomized
Support1 Month Free1 Year Free
Lead Generation FormNAOn Demand
Contact Us formNAOn Demand
Payment Gateway IntegrationNAOn Demand
Other FeaturesNAOn Demand
  • You can always use your own images istead of stock images, same applicable for domain & hosting plans. You can also customize the period of your website mainteance.
  • If Ordering outside from India (eg. USA, UK etc.) kindly contact our Team Members for prices via Contact us page or use Whatsapp.
  • If you have even more lengthy and Customized project, Feel free to contact our Web Developer.


Our Clients

"Amazing Designs, Clean and Quality Work!"

It was a Pleasure working with you guys, i could see the progress of my project anytime i wanted and now my customers are increasing.Thanks for giving a wonderful service under my budget. Keep doing Great things.
Harvey Spector
CEO, Acme Inc.

"Everytime the work is delivered on time by BWS."

After a great satisfaction of our first project with BWS we decided to select them for our next most anticipated project 'India's Online talent' and we are very happy with their work. The team is doing an Excellent job.
Emily Davis
Founder, IOT Inc.

"We increased our business by 35% since last year"

We wanted to make our institution online and to reach our business to the next level and BWS helped us a lot to carry our business to next level, due to their support our net profit is increased by 35% in current year.
Raman josh
Director, YCS education INC.

Some Numbers

Initially, it might seem puzzling why we offer to construct a website at no cost, a service for which other web agencies often demand substantial sums ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

However, after thorough analysis, we’ve determined that providing complimentary website development is an effective strategy for demonstrating our expertise and attracting future paying clients.

Securing clients hinges on establishing trust. By extending our free website service, we introduce ourselves to thousands of business owners annually, a portion of whom may engage us for significant projects in the future.

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Clients Satisfaction Rate

We Accept

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Gpay, Phonepe, Paytm
  • Under the premium plan a part paymet is required for assurance purposes (that you are serious to begin project with us) and rest you can pay in easy 2-3 part payments.
  • You can choose any of above given payment options of your choise and payment modes like Full payment, Part Payment or Subscription Mode.

Get a Free Website

1Project Details
2Domain & Hosting
3Contact Details
💡Provide your website details, type, purpose, target audience etc.
💡This helps our developers to understand about your would be website.
💡 Choose one or more services. You can also add them Later.
Notice: There is an updation running at the backend, All the existing candidates are informed not to submit their modules till next update, the deadlines are extended by 72 hrs. Thank you.