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Web Designing

Web Designing is the Main Service offered since the very begining of BWS. We Design a variety of Websites like portfolio/individual website, Social, Commercial, eCommerce, Job Portal Etc.

Front End Development

Front-End Development is related to the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). And We provide top quality Frond End developing service to our clients.

Back End Development

Back-end concepts are related with Coding and Programing to create a website. We Majorly Use HTML, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript, J-Query and C++ To create Stunning Results.

Updation & Maintenance

We provide Updation & Maintenance services in two Modes- One Time Maintenance Mode and Annual Maintenance Mode to all whether you have Ordered a new Website or You already have One.

SEO & Promotion

We provide SEO Solutions to increase ranking of your website on popular search engines and do promotion on various plateforms to increase the traffic on your website.

Business Emails

Unlike the Free E-mail providers like Gmail, Hotmail Etc. An Official Business Email provides a more Professional Impact on your Prospects and thus increase the chance of lead conversion.

Lead Magnets & Lead Generation

We Provide Lead Generation solutions with the help of Lead Magnets. A Lead Magnet altough look simple, but plays a powerful role to generate fresh leads from the traffic coming on your website.

Domain & Hosting

With us You will get an SSL enabled Domain and a Hosting service both bundled for 1, 2 and 3 Years Maximum. However we would reserve the domain name only after duscussing with you, Dont worry.

Sub-domains & Sister Sites

Sometimes your business need a Sister-Website having your primary domain as a suffix. you can get them without paying extra for new domain or hosting plans. All other charges will be applicable.

Social & Email Marketing

Entering in the crowd of new digital era of Internet, Social Media and Emails, It seems a good way to generate leads and procespects for your business and our team does it for you.


If you want to sell your products online, We can build a professional Online Store for your products to sell them globaly and receive the payments directly to your Bank and Wallets etc.

App Development

We also provide App Development Support (for Android and IOS devices) in conjuction with you new website so that your users can access your website while receiving all updates and notifications.

Our 6-D Process

How do we get those Awesome Results

Phase 1



We Discover every tiny thing from scratch what suits best for your requirement, right from Logos, Theme Colors, Titals, Names, Slogans, Coding etc. to provide you unique experience and satisfaction.




Defining the objects is related to placing those discovered unique elements to one plateform and combining them to create a synchronised pattern so that navigation is easy and hasstle free.



Designing the website is  a time Consuming process which involves a lot of hit & trials to match the need of the clients, This focuses on Front End Desiging Concepts for User Interface and User Experience.




Developing a website (Back-End) is another time taking process which mainly involes a good coding and core programming knowledege. It includes the Execution, Exploraion, Navigation and Performance.



Deploying Front-End Process and Back-End Process into one and final Testing comes under this phase, deployment ensures if things are working properly on various devices and corrected if required.



Finally, We Deliver to you after succesful testing and ensuring if every function is working properly. We always guide and train you as first go through towards your new website.

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