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After submitting the registration fee kindly send a screenshot of the same via Whatsapp at +91-8004355721 with your Name and registered email ID for verification, It is important to know for our team that the person who has registered and who made the payment are either same or somehow connected, Your offer letter will be processed and sent to you on your registered email ID before the end of the same day of registration.
Important: Please note that when you will submit the fee, you might see the bearer's name as 'Deshraj' and the phone number as '8004355721'
'Mr. Deshraj Goenka' is the Director of Business Web Solutions India and '8004355721' belongs to the Account Department of BWS. So kindly don't be panic or confused.

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Notice: There is an updation running at the backend, All the existing candidates are informed not to submit their modules till next update, the deadlines are extended by 72 hrs. Thank you.